Filling up bigger baskets

Waitrose have always been a bit different as a supermarket – and their needs for a loyalty scheme were different too. They believed that it was their job to earn their customers’ loyalty, not the customer’s job to prove it. So we created a scheme built on real customer behaviours rather than really obvious bribes and collecting points. It gave shoppers truly personalised offers – and good reasons to come back again and again.


Waitrose are often named as the nation’s number one supermarket – but shoppers don’t always give themselves permission to shop there.

We worked to understand more about how customers use Waitrose – whether it’s for regular shops, treats or top-ups.

Then, through our learnings, we created personalised communications which were both genuinely rewarding and nudged customers towards greater basket spends and more frequent visits. Customers never had to earn anything, let alone points, and we gave them ‘more of what you love’.

MyWaitrose meant we could help change the relationship between Waitrose and their customers – helping people understand more about the value that Waitrose offers above and beyond the basic grocery products.


Stat attack:

  • Over 3,000,000 million happy members and growing
  • Over £158 million in incremental sales
  • An ROI of several hundred %