Stopping viewers from hitting pause

A Sky subscription delivers a whole box of lovely tricks. But unless new customers know about it all, they can feel that they’re not getting value for money and cancel before you can say Virgin Media. So we needed to look into what (and how) they watched and create a more personal relationship to help them get even more from Sky.


Our research showed that Sky customers were 6 times more likely to stay if they use the unique products and services that are included in their package.

We analysed the way people watched to build a picture of what they’d found out for themselves and what else we could tell them – and then sent personalised communications to help discover more to enjoy.

Then, when the time came round for renewal, our target customers would find themselves completely glued to the box. We’d got them to set up loads of recordings on their Sky box, used their mobile for Sky Go and discovered how to watch the shows they love On Demand. And the results were unmissable.

Stat attack:

  • 17% increase in opt-ins to communications
  • 22% increase in people intending to stick with Sky
  • A whopping and client-pleasing ROI of 12:1