Innovation that excites

The futuristic technology in Nissan’s cars reads like something out of a science fiction novel.

So to create a buzz around their partnership with Olympic legend Sir Chris Hoy we went where no man had been before. We created an interactive sci-fi adventure to excite tech-savvy car buyers with Nissan’s out-of-this-world innovations. We took selling car features into a new dimension.

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An interactive sci-fi novel told the story of Hoybot – part man, part machine fitted with incredible performance features developed in Nissan’s Innovation Lab.

Users could swipe through the story, making decisions to change the outcome. By using different Nissan super-strengths, inspired by real car features, you could guide Hoybot to safety.

Designed for mobile and beautifully rendered by Marvel Comic Artist, Kristian Donaldson, the adventure linked seamlessly to a site which uncovered the real world innovations that feature in Nissan’s range.

We launched the campaign with an interactive cinema ad at the premiere of the new Star Wars movie and used the story’s sci-fi appeal to target our audience on social media. The campaign delivered stellar results and brought Nissans passion for ‘innovation that excites’ to an audience that craves it.

Stat attack:

  • 73,000 adventures
  • Average time 33 seconds
  • Cost per click 25% lower than benchmark