Spicing up relationships

Nando’s had enjoyed extraordinary growth over the years. But then along came those new fancy-dan fashion burger chains. So we added a bit of extra spice to the loyalty programme to get people coming in more – and reward them with more of what they really wanted. We banished the old paper loyalty card and introduced a new “clickable, lickable and unnickable” plastic one and a new app to keep track of everything.


We discovered that while the old loyalty scheme was massively successful, it was fundamentally flawed. It told Nando’s nothing about its customers and the customer database only had a paltry 50,000 records – many without up-to-date opt-ins.

In order to start having more meaningful conversations with the peri-peri-loving customers, Nando’s needed to understand their behaviours more – and reward them.

We relaunched Nando’s card as a plastic card that customers could track on their phone. It also meant that we got new and updated customer records – and we could also see what they liked and reward them with a better, more personalised choice.

How do you like that extra spice?

Stat attack:

  • 750,000 new contactable customers in 6 months
  • 11.2% of all UK diners carry the new Nando’s card
  • More return visits than anyone else (4.82 visits per year)