A new relationship worth having
We’re working with blue group to deliver individual customer experiences

News | 10 May 2016

It’s official. We’ve announced our partnership with Blue Group, a global leader in marketing technology platforms. Our powers combined will enable us to help brands build valuable, long lasting relationships with their customers. We’ll do this by providing an end-to-end strategy, creative and data solution service.

Blue Group create cutting-edge marketing automation and customer insight technology. Their capabilities allow brands to activate customer engagement using multiple data sources, clever algorithms and omni-channel message distribution. Together with our data-driven creativity, we’ll give brands the opportunity to create a seamless customer experience that acts in real time, delivers value to customers and is totally individual.

Sue MacLure, our Group Data Strategy Partner said:

“We’re delighted to work together with Blue Group to help more brands create ‘appropriately on’ relationships with their customers. Our focus is using data to understand what an appropriate relationship looks like for different customers groups in order to devise and create personalised interactions – which is the first half of the need. The second, and equally important, is to be able to activate those interactions, on a one to one basis in customer facing channels, and that’s where the Blue Group gives us a raft of capability in their capacity as guardians of the customer data.”

Chief Executive Officer at Blue Group, Steve Klin added:

“Kitcatt Nohr is a multi-award winning CRM and customer engagement agency with great credentials in creativity. With our shared desire to make best use of data for both learning and execution, we felt this partnership was the right marriage of competencies. We believe that together we can offer clients the full range of services to build engaging and effective CRM and customer engagement programmes.”

We believe that together we can offer clients the full range of services to build engaging and effective CRM


Blue Group’s clever approach

What makes this partnership a perfect match is we both believe today’s best CRM must integrate seamlessly into people’s lives. This requires a sophisticated understanding of customers and an appreciation of where brands can and should interact with them to build a mutually valuable relationship.